Our worship is a time to come together into the presence of God to praise and adore our three-in-one God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Recognizing that God loved us first, we express our love for God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. As we offer our hearts anew to God, we find that we are nourished and renewed by God’s presence.

What’s it like? We enjoy the presence of God and one another. We honor God by preaching the Word of God. We pray and sing. We celebrate life together and help carry one another’s burdens. We have periods of silence and times of loudness! You can remain silent throughout or shout “Amen!” if you like. Depending on the theme of worship, we draw on different styles of worship each Sunday. We have a wonderful choir and musicians that lead us in traditional beloved hymns and contemporary music accompanied by our majestic organ or piano.

Can children come? Yes! We love for children to be present with us in worship and they are welcome throughout the celebration. We have just started a Children’s Church Program and have a nursery available.  But its alright for babies to cry, for we think God uses that to remind us of the joy that they are with us.

What should I wear? You will find a variety of dress here. You will see everything from casual to more dressy clothes. Please feel free to come to worship in a way that makes you comfortable and is respectful of others. It is the inward expression of worship toward Almighty God that matters more than the outward appearance.

When and where? Our Sunday worship celebration begins at 11:00 AM and typically ends around noon. The celebration happens in our historic Sanctuary, located at 501 Old Stage Rd., Chilhowie, VA 24319.